Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

St Louis Bankruptcy Attorney Jason Fauss has the experience and skill to help you navigate through filing bankruptcy properly to ensure compliance with federal court processes. A bankruptcy is a process in federal court designed to help individuals eliminate debt or structure repayment under the protection of bankruptcy court.

Filing bankruptcy can stop most foreclosures, repossessions, lawsuits and garnishments.  In addition to stopping these legal actions against you, once you retain our services, we will accept those harassing phone calls and letters from your creditors allowing you to focus on rebuilding your credit and getting the “fresh start” that bankruptcy allows.

Bankruptcies are generally described as either a “fresh start” or a “wage earner plan” and can be filed as either:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – the “fresh start” bankruptcy that is used primarily to eliminate credit card debt, medical bills and other unsecured debts
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – the “wage earner plan” used primarily to stop foreclosures, get caught up on house and car payments, or if you own a significant amount of property

Both kinds of bankruptcy have numerous rules, as well as exceptions to those rules, regarding types of debts covered in bankruptcy, filing eligibility, and other important rules covering what property you can and cannot keep. It is important that you have an experienced, qualified bankruptcy attorney to help you file a bankruptcy.

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